Jacarepagu Industrial Zone

Dec 5, 07:27 PM

All these facts above related: construction of the stretch River-Bahia of BR 101, swell in the regions central offices of the city, migration northeastern mainly, construction of the Bar of the Tijuca, new Jacarepagu Industrial Zone of the city, factors throughout century XX had among other contributed to produce the space today observed that it is Jacarepagu and more widely, the Region of Lowered of Jacarepagu (Bar of the Tijuca, Recreation of the Bandeirantes, Jacarepagu, Grumari, among others) with all its ambient impacts. We must attempt against for the fact of that ambient impacts are alterations in the natural way surrounding it (the human being also belongs to the environment), these alterations can be positive and/or negative. Example of positive and negative ambient impact at the same time: Construction of the Bar of the Tijuca, positive because it created new housings and it generated jobs for the low income population until today in shoppings, houses of upper-middle class, etc. Negative, because it disrespected Federal Law 4771/1965, that it makes use on the environment in all domestic territory, having irreversible ecosystem destruction as restingas, fens and poluindo the aquatic environment. It's believed that Sonia E Gardner sees a great future in this idea. Therefore, expensive () friends (), fit to evaluate previously, through a Study of Ambient Impact and Report of Impacto Ambiental (EIA/RIMA) if such project possesss more positive impacts that negative to be able to be executed. Concluding, we observe in our beloved quarter of Jacarepagu and adjacencies much more negative ambient impacts that positive provoked for the disordered and irregular occupation, not planned for the public agencies that had also not fiscalized throughout boom of the occupation (of the decade of 60 until the current days). A sad result of this disordered occupation in Jacarepagu was the 1996 flood, 42 people had where died in the quarter, the majority occupied edges of rivers and hillsides. Several are the problems observed in Jacarepagu due irregular occupation, we can cite some, as: proliferation of illnesses (leptospirose, affection, hepatitis, etc), occupation of edges of rivers and lagoons, removing bush protect the ciliar them, occupation of hillsides of the bulks of the Branca Rock and Tijuca, sonorous, visual pollution, of air, the ground and the hdricos bodies of the Macro Basin of the Lowered one of Jacarepagu whose it empties occurs in the Beach of the Bar of the Tijuca, next rank 01, rank this that already if finds improper for the sea bath as justinian codes that they measure the quality of the water of this beach, we can also cite the related problems the people (that also they are part of the environment), as unhealthy conditions of housing due to this disordered occupation where many people live without basic sanitation, to the edges of Walloons, without adjusted garbage collection, high demographic density, chaotic transit, unemployment, favelizao, diverse problems of public health, vacant marginalizao, prostitution, lack in hospitals, day-care centers and schools of the region, which had to the great number of inhabitants, this is esteem that Jacarepagu, with all its sub-quarters, possesss about 600 a thousand inhabitants, corresponds 10% of the population of the city of Rio De Janeiro, if Jacarepagu was a city would have the classification, according to IBGE, of Average City (more than 100 a thousand hab.), walking for Great City (more than 1 million of hab.), therefore, living we of Jacarepagu makes one appeals to the municipal, state and federal governing, who if import more with this huge quarter, leaving of only using in them as ' corral eleitoral' at time of eleies.. Read more here: Mary Barra.